Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

Energy Saving Tips for Homes

In light of the steady increase in energy costs across the UK the Hawley teams have collaborated their knowledge on the best energy saving tips, which will help you to conserve energy costs in your business.


  1. Strategically placed fans can make your shop feel much cooler – these won’t lower the temperature but using an effect called ‘evaporative cooling’ customers will feel much cooler as the air moves around the store.


  1. Checking seldom used areas/offices to ensure that heaters have not been left running.


  1. Check to make sure heating controls haven’t been overridden – heating should be set to automatic.


  1. Make sure the air conditioning is set correctly and keep all doors/windows closed whilst its running – letting warm air in from the outside will mean the unit has to work harder and cost you more to keep it running.


  1. Make sure all air conditioning systems are regularly serviced and have their filters cleaned as systems running with the incorrect amount of gas or with blocked filters will cost as much as 30% more to run.


  1. If your store doesn’t have air conditioning, try using window shades or window signage to block out direct sunlight.


  1. Ensure drinks coolers are on timers (not running 24/7) and position them out of direct sunlight.


  1. Make sure fridges have blinds/curtains fitted to keep all the cold air within the cabinet for as long as possible.


  1. If you have an oven, try position it away from any fridges, freezers or drinks coolers.


  1. Don’t overfill fridges and freezers, it will make them work harder and you risk them never reaching temperature.


  1. Switch lights off when they aren’t in use – old lighting not only costs more to run but it generates heat that will make your air conditioning work much harder than it should have to and increase your energy costs.


  1. Lighting on timers should be adjusted to accommodate British summer time hours, this will stop your outside lights coming on when they aren’t needed – if you don’t have time clocks or daylight sensing controls, give us a call (0333 8000 771) and receive our advice.

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