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The Hawley Building Systems team supply LED lights for small to large commercial buildings plus wireless smart home systems for domestic properties.

Systems also works in harmony with Hawley Building Services, seeking advice and recommendations which will enable the best installation for the client.

For further enquires on supply of commercial LED Lighting please contact our wholesaler direct

For smart home fittings please purchase through our online shop.

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Hawley Building Automation Systems for Intelligent Smart Homes

Innovative, easy-to-use solutions

Life can be busy, and we can’t always plan for everything – so imagine how great it would be to switch your lights on, create your required ambience, set your oven to warm up, or even change the temperature of individual rooms, ready for your return home.
Our building automation systems make this possibility a reality… after installation, simply download the app on your smartphone and you can manage everything, from anywhere.

What are the benefits of building automation and LED Lights?


With the ability to control your lighting while you’re out or even abroad, you can create the illusion of an occupied home for a smarter security option.


LED lights are made from non-toxic materials and are completely recyclable – a great, eco-friendly alternative to light bulbs and florescent tube.

LED installation


LED lights produce minimal heat and come with an expected lifespan of 7-10 years, making them reliable, safe, durable and low maintenance too!


The clever combination of LED lighting and our simple but sophisticated app will reduce your energy consumption and subsequently, your energy bills.


Technology doesn’t have to be tricky – our app is easy, innovative and intuitive, giving you constant control over your lighting, heating and appliances.

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