Mechanical & Electrical Contractors with a keen focus on energy efficiency…

If you’re looking for truly impartial, practical advice, or require any level of support with commercial LED lighting, M&E building or energy efficiency services, here at Hawley Energy Group we promise to place your energy savings as the top priority.

But where did our Groups journey begin? Let’s take a look…

Introducing Hawley Energy Group

With over 25 years’ experience in engineering and energy efficiency, our founder and Managing Director, Andrew Hawley, spotted a gap in the energy industry – and decided to focus his skills on closing it.

Andrew realised that while many promises were made regarding the benefits of switching to LED, for example; LED’s are 50% more energy efficient than fluorescent, they last longer and will reduce energy bills, the market was saturated with cheap products that often failed to deliver. So, we set about providing genuinely impartial, practical advice to businesses looking to make savings and improve their profitability.

Why trust our energy Engineers?

Hawley Energy Group is driven by a commitment to make a positive difference, and our team targets tangible savings for commercial clients and remains 100% technology and supplier agnostic.

Our teams impressive industry knowledge and experience demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency: MD Andrew Hawley has also set up industry bodies, currently chairs an advisory panel for a local authority and is a Fellow of the EMA.

In just a few short but busy years, Hawley Energy Group has grown its companies to include a wide range of experts and engineers across many energy-centric disciplines, saving their increasing customer base millions of pounds.

Building services, systems and M&E solutions

Hawley Energy Group now provide an end to-end, turnkey service across 3 businesses operating in 4 sectors; Accountancy, Energy Efficiency & Dashboards, M&E Engineering and Electrical Wholesale.

Drawing on our employees industry expertise and ability to identify opportunities across the energy landscape, Hawley Energy Group can confidently substantiate itself as the energy saving experts to trust, offering a comprehensive range of exceptional energy efficiency advice and building management services, including:

  • Business Services – unbeatable energy management and optimisation
  • Building Services – M&E design and installation, including HVAC, power and data installs
  • Enerlyse – analytics and energy efficiency strategies and solutions